Focusing on the Problem…Why I am Behind the Eight Ball?

by barbara on May 3, 2016

I’ve always been the one with incredible energy, most nights requiring only four hours of sleep. I take on every project with enthusiasm, often 15 to 18 things at once and finish the majority of them on time and within budget. I’m told that’s because I’m a Gemini, my husband just thinks I’m crazy.

The last month has been less than productive.

Little did I know that I was going to be sidelined after what I considered a minor surgery.

It’s been three weeks now since my out patient procedure, 6:15 am April 12. I freaked out for a week and a half before then. My surgeon said to expect full recovery in 7-10 days. For me, I assumed that would be four. Wow! Was I wrong.

I am now at 21 days and by noon, I feel like I was hit by a train. I find myself either falling asleep at my computer or needing to go take a nap. Not sure if it’s my age (I bounced back much more quickly last year when I was 21) or if it could be that this is my 6th surgical procedure in 2 years. Combine that with the fact that John and I were in a couple of automobile accidents in April and the electronic world has been conspiring against me to challenge my sanity. Hacked website and email. Siri is NOT my friend.

asleepI share all of this with you to let you know that I will be reaching out in the next week or so with all that I have promised, at least unless I fall asleep at my computer…zzzzz.

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