Aromatic Team Building Competition

What Is That Scent?
An Aromatic Relationship Building Competition

The Aromatic Relationship Building experience will encourage the creation of a culture that values collaboration, fostering a teamwork environment rewarding cooperative thinking, planning and working towards a belief that “none of us is as good as all of us.”

Recognition of aromatic substances is practiced in only a few of today’s activities, including tasting and producing wine. When tasters and winemakers describe wine, they understand each other better if they use the same word to refer to the same sensory characteristic.

Winemakers do not add these aromas when making wine. The aromas can come from the grapes themselves—how they’re grown, where they’re grown, pruning techniques, vineyards (soil, exposure, weather), and ripeness. The aromas also come from the winemaking process: whole berry fermentation, barrel fermentation, oak aging, etc.

Your group will become winemaking detectives as they work to identify aromas commonly found in wine. Each person will bring his own unique senses to this exercise. Guests will find themselves working together – collaborating and communicating.

Ten wines exemplifying unique wine aromas will be available for this activity. Each person will be encouraged to smell the wines. Nineteen possible answers will be provided and each participant will select the answer he feels best describes the aromas demonstrated in each glass. Each person will have four minutes to finalize his selections.

Upon completion of their task, each person will immediately discover his score. You may choose to have prizes for those who successfully identify all ten aromas.

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