Why Affairs of the Vine?

Affairs of the Vine assists companies to strengthen, rebuild and reengage teams. Our events provide exceptional opportunities for companies to enhance employee and customer relationships.

The Affairs of the Vine team boasts extensive business experience and decades in the wine business. They understand corporate team culture and how wine workshops and events draw employees, customers and vendors together.

Affairs of the Vine’s interactive events…
bring out the best quality in each individual.
create a sense of teamwork.
allow you to enhance the working relationships of your
strengthen relationships and increase the conversion of
your prospects into clients.
are challenging and fun.
deliver new information whether your team is composed
of novices or experts.

Your team may walk into our events single file but they will leave arm in arm.

At these corporate boot camps, there’s plenty of ‘wining.’

Everyone is fighting for market share. Fighting to make numbers. It’s imperative that teams work together to achieve these goals.

As companies downsize, the employees who are left behind need to be given every tool possible to be successful. Team building, bonding, learning and taking a break every once in awhile are all critical to getting through these difficult times.

Time with your team is the best return on investment! The fast pace and unique strategy of Affairs of the Vine events allow you to accomplish more in 2 hours than you could in days of scheduled meetings and more in a one-day workshop than you could in months in your office.

Affairs of the Vine team building events encourage collaboration and improve trust. We provide management tools that provide impact analysis of the workshops that assist in short term and long term goals.

Employee engagement is the critical measure by which companies are able to inspire and mobilize their people to reach the organization’s objectives. Engaged employees are motivated to succeed, take pride in their company, are committed to the success of the enterprise and are extraordinarily persuasive brand advocates. Engaged employees ensure the execution of programs that lead to sustainable high performance with demonstrable ROI. “Companies that had higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the S&P by 24% over a three-year span.” Gallup

Companies who are maintaining or increasing engagement will reap the rewards.

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