Food & Wine Pairing Adventures

shrimp -white chocolate and sauvignon blanc

Grilled shrimp, white chocolate and Sauvignon Blanc

Food & Wine Pairing Adventures offer an exploration of the senses…a discovery of wonderful wine and food. Interactive wine & food pairing creates excitement, laughter and discussion…unique evens that are sure to please.


Affairs of the Vine has numerous offerings that educate, tantalize and entertain. Affairs of the Vine Wine Evangelists create and present unique Food & Wine Pairing Adventures for your guests, discussing and demonstrating the secrets in selecting the perfect wines to complement the flavors of a meal or snacks.

All Affairs of the Vine experiences are interactive and these adventures are no exception, offering exciting tastes and challenges.

Lamb Chops...Pinot Noir or Blanc de Noirs?

Lamb Chops...Pinot Noir or Blanc de Noirs? Maybe both!

Your guests will taste a minimum of six different wines in the company of a variety of flavors and textures. The attendees will be presented the challenge of tasting and describing what happens to wines as they are paired with different food components. Your guests will discover which wines complement the flavors in food and why.

This workshop will enable your guests to develop the ability to taste the differences in wine and apply them to food pairing experiences.


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