Hemispheres: Wine Boot Camp

Hemispheres: Wine Boot Camp


April 2007

Boot Camp California

These workshops whip your wine knowledge into shape.

Wine Boot Camp _ Basic TrainingBeware: Taking part in a hands-on wine adventure is practically guaranteed to make you a wine snob at your next dinner party. But you’ll also learn the science behind the grape.

Operating since 1999, Wine Boot Camp (Tel: 707-874-1975 or winebootcamp.com) is an intense, 12-hour workshop offered several times a year at a participating area winery. In addition to a training manual, participants receive matching T-shirts and caps. “At the end of the day, people feel exhausted and empowered,” says founder and director Barbara Drady. “The idea is to go from vineyard to bottling within a day; they learn a lot, but we do it in a fun, tongue-in-cheek format.”

In March and September, winemakers Hugh Davies and Craig Roemer of Schramsberg in Calistoga, California, teach industry tricks such as aging bottles in historic caves and the methode champenoise technique at Camp Schramsberg (Tel: 800-877-3623 or schramsberg.com), a three-day wine camp.

In fall, campers participate in the harvest, and in spring, they learn to blend like a pro. Chateau St. Jean (Tel: 707-833-4134 or chateaustjean.com) in Kenwood, California, offers instruction in blending Cabernet Sauvignon using all five Bordeaux varietals in its Cinq Cepages Blending Seminar. Simply pull together a group of four friends (including yourself), and the winery will arrange the details.

If you’re itching to be out on the water with your glass of vino, try Regent Seven Seas Gain a Nose for Wine (Tel: 877-505-5370 or rssc.com), a shoreline excursion of 2½ hours for passengers on cruisetours from Nice, France, to Dover, England, or Nice to Rome. Cheers!

Kristine Hansen
Photography / Mark Wagoner

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