2012 Romancing the Rhones Results
Scores: Women Judges Bang for your Buck

Romancing the Rhones Results
Scores: Women Judges
Scores: Women Judges Bang for Your Buck
Scores: Men Judges
Scores: Men Judges Bang for Your Buck

heartheartheartheart = Love at First Sip = Gold Medal

Field Stone Winery 2011 Heritage Block Field Stone Estate Vineyard Rose of Petite Sirah
Alexander Valley, $20.00

264 cases produced
THIRD PLACE: Female Wine Judges
(94) Lilac
Female: Gorgeous eye-pleasing hue, of pink bordering on blue-purple. Inviting aromas of watermelon, strawberries and cream – Wow! Lively and delectable on the palate, with strawberry and plum notes, held up by beautiful acidity. Irresistibly delicious!
Kirigin Cellars 2009 Syrah
California, $19.90

100 cases produced
Female: Floral notes on the nose. The palate shows dark black, rich fruit with layers of coffee. Nice finish!
6th Sense 2010 Syrah
Lodi, $16.00

20000 cases produced
THIRD PLACE: Male Wine Judges
(92) Black
Female: Blackberry syrup, bittersweet chocolate and instant coffee aromas. Alluring, sexy, and creamy on the palate. Lovely fruit/oak balance. Nice, long finish. Yummy!
Consilience Wines 2010 Syrah
Santa Barbara County, $18.00

1532 cases produced
Female: Perfume! Sexy and alluring dark red fruit. Balanced and intriguing – a bowlful of pie cherries with a nice backwash of acid, and coffee notes on the finish.
Helwig Vineyards and Winery 2009 Syrah
Suisun Valley, $20.00

150 cases produced
Female: Crushed berries and vanilla on the nose, with grilled Portobello mushrooms and a hint of dark chocolate. Sweet generous plummy fruit engages the palate, with lots of sweet cherry, a trace of leather and pretty spice accents. Well-balanced and finishes with panache!
Michael David 2010 Cinsault
Lodi, $20.00

1000 cases produced
(92) Khaki
Female: Fabulous dark rose-magenta color. Aromas of lavender, violets and cherries. As delicate as a rose petal on the tongue. I LOVE this wine! So floral, with lavender and apricot flavors, and a hint of caraway. Nice finish. A balanced and elegant wine. Whatever it is, I want a CASE!
Bonny Doon Vineyard 2011 Vin Gris de Cigare Rose
Central Coast, $16.00

5555 cases produced
(91) Dusty Rose
Female: Light aromatics, simple and clean, with tart cranberry, candied
nectarine, white peach and cherry flavors from start to finish. Yum!
Smooth, savory and sweet: a gulpable summer-ready wine.
Drytown Cellars 2010 Estate Petite Sirah
Amador County, $18.00

260 cases produced
(91) Pumpkin
Female: Juicy, jammy dark fruit aromas, with vanilla bean and pie spice accenting rich fruit. Nice depth with hints of tobacco and white pepper on the finish. Great acidity: wants grilled steak.
Hahn Winery 2010 GSM Red Blend
Central Coast, $14.00

18582 cases produced
(91) Red
Female: Hints of menthol and huckleberries on the nose. Juicy dark ripe berries dominate, with a touch of herbs on the finish. Balanced, pleasant and easy to drink.
Helwig Vineyards and Winery 2009 Syrah
California Shenandoah Valley, $20.00

150 cases produced
Female: Blueberry pie aromas lead to dense, concentrated flavors of boysenberry, blueberry and spice. Balanced and lively through the finish with pleasing acidity. Elegant and refined.
South Coast Winery 2010 White Blend
Temecula Valley, $20.00

2100 cases produced
(91) Coral
Female: Fresh herbs, wildflower honey, grapefruit, Kaffir lime and lemon
zest aromas open to nectarine and melon, with a splash of citrus. Lively
acidity holds through the finish.
The Messenger multi-vintage Red Blend
California, $16.00

1200 cases produced
(91) Lime Green
Female: Old world nose. Oven-fresh fig pudding with orange zest and coriander – spicy nice! Love the peppery salami, olive and pimento loaf flavors, zipped up with white pepper and coriander. A tannic wine that needs rich food.
Zaca Mesa 2010 Estate Grown & Bottled Viognier
Santa Ynez Valley, $20.00

6182 cases produced
Female: Buttered toast aromas, along with pears and red delicious apples,
lead to melon and papaya, accentuated by spice and lime peel. Plentiful, food-friendly acidity offsets the fruit nicely.
Bonny Doon Vineyard 2009 Contra Red Blend
Central Coast, $14.00

5867 cases produced
Female: Roasted coffee aromas lead to sour red fruit on entry opening to lusher raspberry flavors with cocoa back notes. Focused with good balance and nice acid. Delicious-like a carob raspberry brownie with coffee icing.
Bonny Doon Vineyard 2009 Biodynamic Chequera Vineyard Viognier
Paso Robles, $20.00

654 cases produced
Female: Aromas of honeysuckle accented by tons of mulling spices and touch of lemon. Refreshing sweet stone fruit flavors are balanced with nice acidity. A hint of bitter almonds on finish. Nicely balanced.
Callaway Vineyard & Winery 2010 Special Selection Viognier
Temecula Valley, $20.00

492 cases produced
Female: Steely with peach notes. Stone fruit flavors. Oak shows itself mid, then some nice acid on the finish.
Callaway Vineyard & Winery 2011 Special Selection Roussanne
Temecula Valley, $20.00

356 cases produced
Female: Bright honeysuckle aromas, amazing minerality, fresh cling peaches, basil-infused honey, great texture and acidity. Well-balanced with hints of lemon.
Cycles Gladiator Winery 2010 Petite Sirah
Lodi, $12.00

1992 cases produced
Female: Dark fruit and savory herbs. Shows depth of character with big, firm tannins in the mouth. Dense and chewy, with notes of leather, coffee, ripe plums and chocolate.
Fenestra 2010 Estate Rose
Livermore Valley, $14.00

151 cases produced
(90) Purple
Female: Simmering rose petal and peach aromas arise from the glass…very inviting! Om the mouth, the wine is lush and full with hints of spring strawberries then opens to blackberry, plum, wild strawberries and strong pink grapefruit. A bold and delightful rose.
Grizzly Peak Winery 2011 Estate White Blend
Rogue Valley, $18.00

252 cases produced
Female: Light zesty lemon-lime and baked apple aromas carry over to the
palate. Very pretty!! Potpourri and nectarine on the nose. Ripe white
peaches mid. A great summer sipper with zesty acid and a long finish.
Guglielmo 2011 Private Reserve Marsanne
Santa Clara County, $20.00

248 cases produced
(90) Mint Green
Female: Seductive stone fruit and melon aromatics. A distinct personality, peach, nectarine, tangy apple, good texture, weight and balance. Bright citrus, brazil nuts and flowers. Amazingly long peach shortcake finish. YUM!!
Hagafen Cellars 2010 Ripken Family Vineyard Roussanne
Lodi, $18.00

267 cases produced
Female: Beautiful inviting nose of toast, grill plantains, starfruit, and casaba melon. Yum! Lovely texture and juiciness-rich essence of the tropics. A pleasurable wine with a hint of banana pudding on the finish.
Leucadia Red 2010 The General’s Blend Red Blend
California, $11.00

3500 cases produced
Female: Sweet tart cherry aroma. Elegant
entry of cherries and spice. Soft and pretty. Rich and ripe on the
palate. Easy to quaff with berries and vanilla.
Mangels Vineyards 2010 Viognier
Suisun Valley, $15.00

50 cases produced
Female: Classic nose with hints of tropical fruit and honey. Lychee, apricot, honeydew and creamsicle flavors. Good acid and balance.
Midsummer Cellars 2011 Grenache Rose
Yolo County, $19.00

320 cases produced
(90) Pink
Female: Fabulous salmon peachy color, with aromas of strawberry, grapefruit and raspberry perfume. Happiness! Pink lemonade never had it so good! Zesty red grapefruit, crisp pear, guava and peaches jubilee with strawberry sherbet. Great food pairing wine. Summertime!
RoxyAnn Winery 2009 Viognier
Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon, $20.00

1294 cases produced
THIRD PLACE: Female Wine Lovers
(90) Bronze
Female: Creamy baked pears: very aromatic. Lovely rich and super model exotic. This wine is all about creamy texture, crème fraîche on top of grilled peaches. Sugary cotton candy overlay A textural wine with oak influence. Nice complexity of flavors.
Skylark 2009 Red Belly Red Blend
North Coast, $20.00

550 cases produced
Female: Earthy, like Santa Clara Valley mud, with aromas of anise, black pepper and cassis. Carries quite a lot of acidity and tannin, with tangy black cherry, a nice balance and mouthfeel, and an earthy, tight finish.
tercero wines 2010 Camp 4 Grenache Blanc
Santa Ynez Valley, $20.00

125 cases produced
Female: Delicate nose of white peaches and nectarines, with hints of minerality, like the earth after it rains. Pretty as a spring day, with lime zest, nectarine fuzz and some pistachio-almond hints on the finish. A refined wine, with a richness of minerality, fruit and earth. Drink right now!
Zaca Mesa 2007 Z Cuvee Red Blend
Santa Ynez Valley, $20.00

6692 cases produced
Female: Earthy blackcurrant aromas. Just ripe wild berries meld with anise spice and a touch of smoke on the palate. Medium bodied with smooth tannins.

heartheartheart = An Affair to Remember = Silver Medal

Bonny Doon Vineyard 2010 Clos de Gilroy Grenache
Central Coast, $18.00

2384 cases produced
Female: Youthful purple rim in the glass. Strawberry and raspberry aromas-the lighter brighter side of Grenache. Yummy with bright fruit through mid-palate then licorice and leather notes kick in. Well-made.
Cycles Gladiator Winery 2009 Viognier
Lodi, $12.00

1200 cases produced
Female: The nose is elusive at first with a touch of melon and Mercedes tailpipe. Crisp apple flavors. Light and delicate. A delightful sipper.
Cycles Gladiator Winery 2010 Syrah
California, $10.00

9303 cases produced
Female: Maple syrup jumps out of the glass followed by raspberry, cola, black cherry, and cedar notes. Bright and ripe fruit – blue and red. The finish displays sour cherry with a lovely tarragon note and nice acidity.
South Coast Winery 2008 Red Blend
Temecula Valley, $14.00

2400 cases produced
Female: Aromas of dark cherry, tea, plums and earth. Bright cherries, plums, boysenberry, currant and cranberries. Good balance and finish. Easy to drink and solidly made.
Domaine Berrien Cellars 2010 Estate Marsanne
Lake Michigan Shore, $15.50

148 cases produced
Female: Soft, toasty oak on the nose with delicate flowers, pistachios, a hint of waxiness, and stone fruit. Good mouthfeel with fruit and nuttiness, and good acid. Well-made wine.
Hahn Winery 2010 Syrah
Central Coast, $14.00

5454 cases produced
Female: A youthful wine. Blackberry, blueberry and Jolly Rancher grape aromas replicate on the palate showing dark espresso notes on the finish.
Raimondo Winery 2007 Syrah
Lodi, California, $18.00

180 cases produced
Female: Meat, cherry, blueberry aromas, with lots of earth, wet clay and roasted vegetables. Intense cherry in the mouth. Wood has its presence but it’s all about the earth.
Bonny Doon Vineyard 2009 Syrah Le Pousseur Syrah
Central Coast, $20.00

1233 cases produced
Female: White, green and black peppers, black fruit, balanced oak, violets and that’s just the nose. Good palate. Zippy and focused. Very youthful.
Domaine Berrien Cellars 2010 Estate Viognier
Lake Michigan Shore, $15.50

206 cases produced
Female: The nose is a bit off putting but nice wine in the mouth displaying light pear and lemon notes a touch of not nuttiness on the finish.
Domaine Berrien Cellars 2008 Estate Syrah/Shiraz
Lake Michigan Shore, $20.00

223 cases produced
Female: Aromas of smoked meats, mint, red and black fruits, and a touch of cedar. Lovely. Peppery tart palate. Lighter bodied with balanced tannins.
Mangels Vineyards 2009 Angelina Red Blend
Suisun Valley, $20.00

100 cases produced
Female: Cherry cola aromas in the glass. The entry is quite austere with dried cherries touched by sandalwood on the palate.
Syrah and Viognier are co-fermented to produce this blend.
TRE 2008 Syrah
California, $9.95

600 cases produced
Female: Black tea and cooked cranberry aromas. Light red fruit with a tart finish.
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