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The following case studies have been provided as examples of the unique events that Affairs of the Vine has proudly conducted. It is important to note that although each event is unique in concept and requirements, all share the common goal of achieving a professional, well organized program resulting in success for the client and participants.

The event manager requested that Affairs of the Vine develop wine tastings that would WOW high worth clients. Affairs of the Vine developed unique client appreciation events for the company’s financial advisors. The Wine Adventures combined a traditional wine tasting evening with wine challenges. During these events, financial advisors lead a team of their own clients. The wine advisors were prepared for the wine challenges several weeks in advance. The interactive Wine Adventures had both novices and experts walking away with a new sense of wine. Each opportunity allowed the financial advisors to shine by creating a sense of teamwork and leadership. It also helped grow client relationships and increase the conversion of prospects into clients.

The chairman of one of the executive mentoring groups within the organization approached Affairs of the Vine to develop a program that would explore the dynamics of the group and define ways in which they could improve their interaction. We developed a unique Wine Boot Camp experience in Sonoma County for the group. Through a series of exercises prior to, during and after the one-day Wine Boot Camp, Affairs of the Vine provided the membership with an overview of the team and the tools necessary to improve their functionality. Ten different mentoring groups have experienced the Wine Boot Camp program to date.

The task was to create a unique wine tasting event that would entice neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to attend a reception. It was imperative that the wine event be engaging so that the guests would stay at their event. The client incorporated a 30-minute formal presentation into the evening that defined their desire to partner with the best spine surgeons to create pre-eminent practice-based ambulatory spine surgery and imaging centers nationwide.

There were numerous other events at the large convention that evening. The client’s goal was to find a minimum of one spine surgeon who would partner with the client to build an ambulatory spine surgery and imaging center in the surgeon’s own community. The guest attendance was outstanding. Of the attendees, eight surgeons partnered with the client to build practice-based surgery centers nationwide.

Three leading high tech companies partnered to create an event to improve client relationships and progress leads at the APHSA (American Public Human Services Association) conference in San Francisco in August of 2008. Affairs of the Vine created a Wine Adventure, “A Taste of California,” featuring 33 different wines at nine unique wine stations in the St. Francis Suite at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. The client and guests were thrilled with the event. The event Affairs of the Vine created was touted by one of the clients as the best practices of what all client events should aspire to achieve.

The recruitment team had been working hard and had exceeded all of their goals for staffing in 2008. Affairs of the Vine developed a unique Wine Boot Camp program in Napa Valley, California as a reward for a job well done and to strengthen the team for new challenges. The team again exceeded their goals again in 2009. A great feat in view of the economy.

Affairs of the Vine was approached by the company who was managing a meeting for this client. After a full day of meetings, the client was interested in a relaxing but educational evening. Affairs of the Vine created an interactive wine tasting event focused on three California appellations. We were asked to and did include wine produced by one of the attendees. Educational materials and knowledgeable Wine Evangelists engaged the guests and delivered the perfect evening for the client. Affairs of the Vine has repeated the event with different wines at two additional meetings.

The U.S. sales team representing the health and beauty aids product of this company had exceeded all of their sales goals for 2008. Affairs of the Vine developed a unique Wine Boot Camp program in Temecula, California as a reward for a job well done and to strengthen the team for the new challenges. The team exceeded their goals again in 2009.

This client provides broadband service providers with innovative network solutions designed to make it easier to move, manage and monetize video. They are a very competitive sales organization. The Senior Director of Marketing Operations requested a unique and fast-paced team building activity to incorporate into a pre-dinner reception for the group before dinner at a Sonoma County winery. There were various team building exercises incorporated into the weeklong sales meeting. Affairs of the Vine developed and delivered an Aromatic Competition for the eight teams. This activity allowed non-drinkers to participate. Ten aromas were presented at two stations. There were 20 possible answers. Each team had four minutes to identify the aromas correctly. The group was energetic and enthusiastic. Points were issued and announcements were made as to how each team fared. The client was thrilled with the program and has repeated the program at a recent meeting in Napa Valley.

Hotel Interactive and their subsidiary, the Buyer Interactive Trade Alliance and Conference (BITAC), provides unparalleled business tools and opportunities for the savvy hospitality professional. The Hotel Interactive website is a trade portal offering quality news features, extensive reference material, and innovative e-learning capabilities. BITAC is a revolutionary business building event for executives in the hospitality industry. This highly acclaimed event has earned a reputation for bringing together the top echelon of both purchasing decision makers and suppliers. Hotel Interactive management contacted Affairs of the Vine in 2006 with a challenge to create a high energy, unique, team building wine and food pairing experience for BITAC’s Food & Beverage Conference. Guests would include Food & Beverage buyers from top hotels across the US. The wine experience had to be fun, interactive, and educational for the Food and Beverage Buyers but easy to enjoy for all of the attendees including those who were wine novices. Affairs of the Vine created The Ultimate Food & Wine Pairing Challenge. Affairs of the Vine has been invited back year after year to create new and more exciting experiences for the annual event, consistently meeting and exceeding all expectations.

What are your goals for your next meeting? Let Affairs of the Vine create an amazing event for you.

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