Wine Boot Camp Recruits Sound Off

James, Wine Boot Camp Attendee

Well, what can I say that I haven’t already expressed in gleeful, joyous expressions on “event day”? Wine Boot Camp was stupendous, exhilarating, fabulous and, oh yes, educational! I would, and may, do it again in a heart beat.

Diane and I completely delighted in meeting you and the rest of the gang–both recruits and staff alike. The vintners and staff were totally accommodating and wonderful to be around and, oh yeah, knowledgeable all.

Now, I’d like to know more about your wines, from your winery. Can you send me (or direct me to) information, particularly about your Pinot?

Thank you, Barbara. On my 62’s I have never had a more enjoyable birthday–and I got to spend it all with my wonderful wife, best friend, Diane. Thank you for agreeing to the deferment from our aborted attempt to join you last year. And to you,


Wine Boot Camp Survivor
“Thank you so much for the fabulous experience at Wine Boot Camp. My friend Janice and I had a fabulous time! Best of all, I feel SO much more competent about wine, confident and curious. I was personally enriched by this experience in ways that will make a difference in my life. Affairs of the Vine exceeded expectations in every area.”

Tatyana, Sonoma County Wine Boot Camp Attendee
“Wine Boot Camp was a wonderful experience. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work in the vineyard. It was extremely interesting to create my own meritage. I had no idea that a small amount of a varietal could make such a difference in a wine. I hope my wine will age. I’m going to save it for a special occasion with my family.”

Thank you again for a wonderful day.

Deborah, Sonoma County Wine Boot Camp Attendee from Walnut Creek, CA
Dear Barbara,
Wanted to let you know what a wonderful time Nancy and I had on Saturday!! What a memorable way to remember our 50th birthdays!!! It was evident from the pictures we took what fun we truly had!!! We’re going to drink our Birthday wines on our 51st birthdays! Nancy and I have done lots of party planning for our families and jobs over the years and know what hard work and time goes into an event so we truly appreciate the care you gave every detail. I learned a lot!

Sarah, Lodi Wine Boot Camp Attendee
“I’m raring to go to the Sonoma Wine Boot Camp, and also the Zinfandel seminar at California Culinary Academy. My husband, Martin, is eager to join me at the Sonoma Wine Boot Camp, now that he’s seen what a great time we had in Lodi. Before you know it, he’ll be confidently swirling his glass to pronouncements of “Lots of forward fruit, mostly melon and pear, with just a suspicion of rocket fuel.” Please extend my gratitude to Kara, Bob, John, Dino, and all the other members of the Lodi team for a first-class job.”

Janice, Sonoma County Wine Boot Camp Attendee
“Thank you so much for putting on such a tremendous day! I can’t wait to hear more about the Wine Boot Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains.”

Lynne, Santa Barbara County Wine Boot Camp Survivor from Acton, CA
…and the big Thank You for getting your troops through the day….as unseasoned recruits, we all went into the fields of battle, tromping down rows of vines, knowing that by the end of the day we’d be seasoned in the fine art of wine….tasting those wonderful wines, getting to be with the vintners, the wonderful food, enduring the hardship of delightful conversation with fellow enlistees but we all prevailed….I especially want to thank the battalion for waiting while I was busy getting lost in potential enemy territory….a navigator, I ain’t…. a MILLION years ago, I took a wine appreciation class at UCLA….and I have to say, you packed more information in a day than the 6 week class gave us….I think I mentioned to you that I had started work with the Agua Dulce Vineyard in their new direct marketing program…..”in home” wine tastings….they call it “wine adventures”….and your boot camp gave me a myriad of wonderful ideas to incorporate into the parties I host….I want to bring more to the table than, “oh isn’t this a great wine, everyone buy a bottle”…..well, of course it’s a great wine…..but I learned a lot from Wine Boot Camp; can help guests identify “why”….identify the different layers of aroma; taste that add to the depth of the enjoyment of wine….our palate evolves constantly; hopefully the new tastes we experience; enjoy lead to enrichment of our lives…. my love of food has led me through more cooking classes than I can count….from Beverly Hills to Italy….and wine has always been on the periphery…, it’s a partner…. the day was soooooooooooooo packed…you did a fabulous job of packing in education, fun; sociability into the experience…..take a bow!!! I hope that newspaper article got published….and that everyone else had as much fun as I did!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Marni, Napa Valley Wine Boot Camp Attendee
Thank you again for a wonderful and unforgettable Wine Boot Camp experience.

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