It’s All About Wine

Wine consumers are extremely discriminating. Their expectations are high

A well-planned strategy using AOTV’s integrated digital marketing system will improve customer service and experience increasing your bottom line.

Affairs of the Vine provides solutions specifically for the Wine Industry that grow sales and customer loyalty with the latest technologies in digital marketing.

We focus entirely on the wine business

There’s No Whining in the Winery Industry

There should be no whining about lack of sales. The solution is in your wine marketing strategy.

  • Find an ally and partner for your marketing journey.
  • Affairs of the Vine has eyes on your destination and can guide you to your endgame
  • Experience is key.AOTV has the right team with the right experience ! Meet the team

  • AOTV will ask the right questions and create a positive, proactive plan to achieve your goals.


    Barbara Dracy

    Barbara Drady

    CEO and Chief Wine Evangelist

    An early adopter of converting people to wine, Barbara Drady is a well-recognized Wine Evangelist who uses unique ways to market to consumers and trade. With over 40+ years of wine industry marketing experience, Barbara has seen & done it all, from growing grapes, producing world renown wines, to growing successful brands. She has first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience in the world of wine and wine marketing.

    Vanessa Neri

    Vanessa Neri


    Vanessa's happy place has always been connecting people to get things done and creating compelling stories from big ideas and data-driven insights. She thrives at the center of marketing, business development, and sales, with some of her brightest accomplishments coming from global cross-functional team efforts. A veteran of the wearable tech and watch industry, she has over 15 years of experience scaling and managing projects, products and brands. Lucky for Affairs of the Vine, Vanessa's love of wine and her experience in luxury goods landed her in our office. We invited her to join our team immediately. She has a BA in Journalism and Business Communications and an MBA in Marketing and Management. She loves being outdoors and staying active and plays soccer in her free time. She does business coaching for women entrepreneurs and mentors young people in leadership and sports. She loves coffee and all breakfast foods and her favorite wine is a bold California Cabernet Sauvignon.


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